Smokey Bones & Its First Digital Drive-Thru

Post Pandemic era is opening up and how? There are lots of opportunities being created and technology is aiding a lot of totally new business platforms and opportunities that were not even thought of prior to COVID.

It actually looks like the world will catch up with what was missed the last two years very soon. 

So, what is this all about? Let us visualize such an event that happened recently, albeit in an industry you never expected it to happen! Fast food restaurants and digital drive-thru locations!

Sounds interesting, ain’t it? 

Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill is opening a drive-through, becoming what it says is the primary casual fast food chain in the U.S. to have one.

Visit her for the Smokey Bones menu.

The drive-through is being added to a café in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is supposed to be ready to go in April.

This format actually opens the door for customers to have a new experience in curbside pick up and in fact will attract many customers and encourage them to do so, thereby reducing in-dining customers and hence avoid crowds. CEO James O’Reilly cited that this concept is part of the brand’s efforts to make it more off-premise.

“The view that we have taken is that every one of our visitor encounters and events should be more reason driven in its plan,” O’Reilly said.

The drive-through will look and work similar to a cheap food drive-through. It will have computerized menu sheets, a pickup window, vehicle discovery innovation and headsets for staff. There will likewise be a region in the kitchen committed to satisfying drive-through orders, with a refreshment station, prep tables and hot-holding hardware.

The drive-thru will offer two menus: Express, which will have items that can be prepared quickly, like sandwiches, combos and pulled pork; and Made Fresh For You, a selection of more labor-intensive dishes like ribs and family platters. 

Express clients will travel through the drive-through as usual, while those requesting from Made Fresh For You will request and stop in an assigned spot while the food is ready.

The menu will likewise offer the chain’s two virtual brands, The Wing Experience and The Burger Experience, which were planned considering the QSR client.

There will be one worker devoted exclusively to taking drive-through orders, while back-of-house staff will flex in to set up the food, O’Reilly said.